Headshot Photography: 5 Things to Prepare Before the Photoshoot

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Have you ever driven by a ‘For Sale sign’ and immediately noticed the picture of the estate agent? It’s that perfect smile & professional appearance that make you trust them, right? If done right the same picture on that sign might just turn the ‘For Sale’ into ‘Sold’.

But the thought of a close-up picture makes most of us cringe. You’re sharing such a personal part of yourself and it can make you feel vulnerable. That’s exactly why your face on a business card, resume or website sparks trust with customers.

Consumers can immediately relate to you if they’ve seen you before even if it’s on a sign outside your building. They’ll feel as if they already know something about you, making them more likely to use your services.

So, do you see the necessity of these images for branding and professional use? Let’s help you get yours right.


1. What Type of Look are You Going For?

You want to look professional, friendly and welcoming. Page through magazines to get a few examples of what you have in mind and share this with your photographer. Shoot a formal look but also something a little more relaxed so you can cater for various audiences.

2. Dress the Part

What you wear really does have a major impact on how customers perceive you. It’s very important to look the way you want them to think of you. Here are some useful tips when thinking about dress sense:

  • Avoid using bright and overpowering colours so customers can remember your face, not your clothes. Rather go for neutral colours such as navy, white, beige, black & grey.
  • Make sure your clothes are crease free and clean. This may highlight that you think about the small details in life.
  • Take an additional outfit along. The photographer may prefer a different colour or you may spill coffee on yours. You can’t have that stain in the image.
  • Keep jewellery to a minimum; less is more. Once again you want the focus on you as a person.

3. Get Organised

Nothing makes you more nervous than feeling rushed. That stress will show in your eyes in the pictures. Be as relaxed as possible by not putting any unnecessary stress on yourself the day of the shoot:

  • Know the location of the shoot, double check the address and try to be there an hour before you start.
  • Get your outfits ready one day ahead of time.
  • Get a proper eight hour sleep the night before so you feel and look well rested.
  • Eat a healthy balanced breakfast and be sure to take some snacks with you. Your sugar levels can drop easily when in front of a camera for extended periods.

4. Beauty Secrets

Even though it’s not a fashion shoot you still want to look your very best and there are a few tips that’ll do the trick, even for men:

  • Exfoliate your skin the morning of the shoot or the night before. Just be careful not to use any new products in case your skin has a bad reaction to it. 
  • Avoid cracked, dry lips. Use a sugar scrub or toothbrush to remove dead skin cells before the shoot and apply lip balm before you start.
  • Do all facial waxing and hair removal a few days before your photoshoot. Men should be shaved as clean as possible with well-groomed eyebrows.
  • Ladies be sure to use a good moisturiser underneath your foundation to avoid dry flaky skin.
  • Men can use moisturiser or a good aftershave cream.
  • Take some eye drops along to avoid redness.
  • When it comes to applying your makeup, keep it simple and natural. Don’t use dark colours and absolutely no glitter.

5. Practise Makes Perfect

It might feel awkward at first but try out different smiles and expressions in the mirror. Most people feel a lot more comfortable when their ‘best side’ is pointed towards the camera, so it may help to find yours (if you have one).  Knowing this about yourself will make you feel and look more relaxed and less awkward on the day.


Because that’s what it’s all about: confidence is key when you’re in front of the camera. If you feel good, you’ll look good. So, put on your best perfume and let your eyes do the talking. First impressions last and this is the perfect opportunity for you to capture the attention of customers or future employers.