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Hiring a professional photographer for your conference not only adds a touch of professionality to the day, it means the fine details of your hard work can also be documented: décor, branding, program, guests and even your message of the evening.

The professional hired for the day can tell the story of your event through photographs which can be used to give a true glimpse of how the conference turned out. Now that’s excellent marketing material.

Harrison Media cover everything from creative tech conferences to those related to the finance sector. Some of our client list includes:

  • Facebook
  • Marketing Institute of Ireland
  • Irish Association of Pension Funds (IAPF)
  • Willis Towers Watson


In 2017 we were asked to takes photos at the Marketing Institute of Ireland CMO Summit. This event was held in Google’s innovation centre called The Foundry. This location is one of our favourite conference venues in Dublin. The stage lighting in the auditorium reduces the need for flash photography which is often distracting for attendees. There’s also lots of interesting features in The Foundry which really add to any photos captured there.

Below are some of the many pictures we took at the event:

Why Hire A Professional Conference Photographer?

If you’re serious about getting this right, don’t simply give anyone a camera. Do you want blurry photos of guests and irrelevant images which won’t make for quality marketing material?

To get photos you’ll be able to use, you must should a professional. It’s not an expense but an investment in the long-term.

Quality Gear Makes a Difference

Over time professionals learn how to capture those moments you want to remember.

Think about this: The photographer can be at the back of the room and take a picture of the speaker on the stage. Looking at the image afterwards you’ll think the photographer was directly in front of the speaker. How? With the right lens and zoom features.  

This is great for capturing audience members’ reactions from far away. The candid moments show how the guests enjoyed your event. Once again, this will prove valuable for marketing.

Are you good at photographing moving people? These photos usually turn out blurred when shot with a regular camera and it will look unprofessional if you publish these photographs.  As professionals have cameras with quick shutter speeds, no one has to waste time posing for a photo.

 Knowledge of Color and Light

Photography is all about lighting. What if a room’s only light comes from projection screens? Will an amateur know how to work with this setup? He or she may get in the way of guests trying to use the minimal light available.

Pros stay calm as they understand camera settings and color exposure. They make sure the subject of the picture is well lit and they won’t forget that your branding must be shown clearly too.

 Knowledge of Angles

Do you think a professional simply snaps away? No. He or she studies the composition of the room. They find the best angles that allow them to capture essential moments well.

The results of conference photography can be that your marketing improves and you draw more interested parties to your cause. Isn’t that the goal of any event?

Here’s a handy tip: Discuss timelines with your photographer so you receive your images in time. Use them for material while everyone’s still talking about the event you organised.



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