5 Things to Consider for Great Conference Photographs

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Organising a conference can be a mammoth task with the million and one things that have to be pulled together to make the conference a success. Getting a conference photographer in for the event may prove very important for future promotion and for gaining traction on social media. At Harrison Media, we’ve put together our top five tips to consider when organising your conference to ensure your photos stand out.

1. Lighting 

Most conference spaces and auditoriums are fairly bland places with little or no natural light and, more often than not, badly colour balanced house lighting. Good lighting immediately focuses your audience’s attention on the stage and is a must for creating dynamic eye catching photographs of your conference in session. For presenters, the optimal light should come from an angle above that is not too high, so as to not create shadowed eyes, and not to low to ensure that it doesn’t hit the audience. The lighting should be consistent across the stage as presenters will wander and don’t forget about lighting your audience for those Q&A sessions.

2. Branding

Having a sense of your branding in the background of the conference photographs will further help create a dynamism to the images and will also gain attention if the images go to press. Having a branded podium and backdrop will really help tie a key newsworthy speaker in with your conference and helps to get your conference exposure in the media.

3. Timing

If you have a prominent keynote speaker at your conference then getting great well thought out and lit photographs of them for promotion is a must. Rather than trying to grab something in a rush as they leave stage or when they arrive, allow 5-10 mins in the schedule to do some well thought out PR shots. Not only will you get great promotional shots but your keynote speaker will love them as well.

4. Social Media

On-site streaming of your conference photos to your social media channels during your event is a great way to engage a wider audience and get people talking about your conference as it is still happening.

5. Walk in Photos

Having the conference photos from earlier sessions rolling on screen as your delegates return after lunch or break is a great way to engage your audience and lighten the mood. It is also a great way to get very positive images of your audience without distracting them during a speaker.

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