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Experiential headshot profile photo photographed against a natural background in Chartered Accountant House Pearse Street Dublin

Are you ready to smile for the camera?

If you’re considering using professional headshots for business then you’ve come to the right place.

More often than not headshots are associated with the fashion and acting industry. But recently they’ve become central to the corporate world which has been sweeping across Dublin over the years.

A headshot is basically an image of you, showcasing only your head and shoulders. They are often used for branding and to showcase your personality. Hence, they are an important part of many corporations as they can help in opening the business doors you’ve been knocking on.

Here at Harrison Media, we’ve been providing our services to business professionals in Dublin for the past 10 years. Whether you are located in Sandyford Industrial Estate or the IFSC, we can visit you onsite to share some great ideas to ensure your headshot is specific to your company or industry.

If you’d like to be unique, we offer signature, mono or creative headshots. However, we also offer simple headshots if you prefer to keep it straightforward.

We recently did some headshots for the CFA Ireland Society for a new book that they have launched. Their brief was ‘a simple headshot as well as a more profile style photo’, and this is a brief that we get all the time. Here are some of the shots we took below:

The Importance of Headshots

What makes the biggest impression on you? The word ‘apple’ or an image of a red, ripe apple that invites you to take a bite?

The latter is more powerful because your brain processes visual impulses much faster than text. Images are also more easily remembered and recognised.

Now think of yourself as that apple. If you’re trying to sell yourself or your business, consumers and business partners will react stronger to a picture of you compared to a description of you. And this is where your headshot comes in.

So why miss out on making an impact?

Who Would Benefit from Headshots?

You’re probably thinking ‘this doesn’t apply to me’, but you could be missing out on business opportunities by not incorporating headshots into your business.

As well as using headshots in the corporate world, they may also be used in the fashion and entertainment industries:

  • Fashion Industry

Fashion is all about what people see. Your future employers must see how your exterior can benefit their  brands. Forget about selfies and impress them with professional headshots.

Headshot photography is so important in fashion that the industry decided to develop a standard   feature called a ‘comp card’, which is a double sided 5.5”x8” card containing your details and  photographs printed on   both sides. All employers want to know what you look like up-close meaning  that a headshot is therefore a   necessity.

  • Entertainment Industry

 In show business, it’s the public who determines an actor or a singer’s success. Unfortunately, they can   be very critical of their idols so you have to make sure to showcase your best features at all times.

 Prevent amateur photographs from ruining your public image. A quality headshot is the ideal image to   accompany press releases or magazine articles. 

  • Corporate Use

You only have to switch on your Smartphone to realise that the world has transitioned into an extremely visual society. I bet you don’t read an online article unless the image catches your eye. If you want to catch a consumer’s or the market’s eye you have to use this same tactic, and a headshot helps you establish just this.

A business’s target audience need to be able to trust them before they’ll commit more time, money or resources. Did you know that you can build this trust faster by posting a quality headshot instead of writing endless paragraphs about yourself?

Likewise, a company’s brand is invariably linked to its founders and employees. This is especially true for small businesses. Make it easy for consumers to trust you. Complement your branding campaign by using your headshots. When consumers know who is behind a brand they often feel more comfortable doing business transactions. Using a headshot in your marketing material enables people to relate with you. It transforms your business from seeming clinical to appearing personal and familiar.

What about if your going for an interview? Your prospective employer wants to gauge who they will be working with.

This is why LinkedIn is such a popular platform. If you give the corporate world the facts about everything they’re curious about, a photograph may just seal the deal. If done right, it showcases your professionalism and even your character.

What to Wear for a Headshot

What do you want your headshot to show viewers? You can showcase your character, your power and even your industry. A headshot for the sporting world can be done in informal wear while a business owner should wear corporate clothing.

Firstly, it’s important to look comfortable in your headshot. There’s nothing as unappealing as a fake smile. But your clothing must also complement your best features. Why not try out these tips for your next headshot:

  • Avoid faded colours because they can make you seem uninteresting
  • Stay away from too bright of a colour (such as blues or greens) as they may overexpose and cause people to focus on your clothes instead of your face
  • Low cut shirts and short sleeved shirts attract attention to your arms or body. Avoid them because you want people to look at your face.
  • Mid tone hues of green, blue and purple are flattering in most cases

Once you’ve taken this in, the next step is to book a professional photographer. It’s important to steer clear of friends—or your own camera—for this task. Expert photographers know how your pose and facial features will impact your audience and will help you create the perfect look.

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