Why Professional Headshots are Important for Business

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Will you keep to the status quo or transform your market impact? With the internet bringing people closer together, your personal public image is now a central factor in your business’ success.

And did you know that professional headshots can help you reach the business goals you’ve been struggling to reach? Here’s why.


People Want to Know More About You

You may think it’s all about your products and services, but people aren’t as superficial as that. Your clients want to know who they’re doing business with. They want to know they can trust you, and this requires some personal investment from you.

A headshot can show your friendly but professional approach. This makes people feel comfortable engaging with you. As an added bonus, trust can lead to them referring you to others.

Yes, this is the ripple effect a few images can have.


Benefit from the Photographer’s Experience

But which photographs will work best?

Luckily for you, professional photographers know their craft as well as you do yours. They stay up to date with what the market requires and will guide you through:

  • Different poses
  • A variety of facial expressions that are relevant to different publications
  • Which colours are best to wear


The next time you need a 3/4 shot to print with an article, you won’t have to rely on a selfie. You’ll have one on file so you constantly display professionalism in person and through imagery.

Consistency is key to building a strong brand, and now your images can be part of that process.


Be Your Brand

What do you want people to think of when seeing your brand, logo or company colours?

  • Professionalism
  • Expertise
  • Friendly service
  • Quality products
  • Market leader


Put yourself in the right outfit and you can present all these characteristics in one image. That’s how you become your own brand’s ambassador.

Why should you consider this? Next time you scan a newspaper, notice which articles you look at first. We bet the ones with photographs of people are read more than any others.

People respond to faces. Your face on a company newsletter or on industry publications will draw much more attention than simply sharing your logo or long pieces of text.


Share Your Culture

And what is your company culture? Consumers and future partners in your business are interested in what your company’s like on the inside. Is it an organisation they want to be connected with?

Your headshot used on a business card, in a presentation to investors or on marketing material shows outsiders what you’re about:

  • Are you a caring employer?
  • Quality images show you value detail and excellent workmanship
  • Wearing company branded clothing shows you partner with your employees in reaching goals


Can you see now how small nuances in an image can communicate something you need your audience to know?


Show You’re Up to Date

Many people navigate away from a LinkedIn profile when they don’t see an image, and this can lead to all sorts of assumptions such as:

  • The person’s profile is redundant
  • He or she doesn’t stay up-to-date with modern trends 
  • He or she doesn’t care about looking professional


Can you risk someone thinking this about you?

And this applies to all social media platforms. They’ve transformed from being socially popular to being business tools. Make sure you use them optimally by using the power of professional headshots.


We can only hope that you now feel motivated to pick your outfit and go get your headshots taken today. A professional headshot can be the key to unlocking partnerships and business opportunities. You know what you can bring to the table. Now let images communicate it to others.